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Because Age is Just a Number 

Radiant-looking skin, plump lips, smooth forehead without invasive methods, and overall well-being improved.

Is this what you are looking for?

Face Yoga is a unique technique that focuses on the movements of facial muscles. It is a blend of yoga-like postures and facial exercise that counters the formation of wrinkles, improves circulation, and ultimately gives you more radiant skin.

It can relax your face, which smooths those tension-filled expressions we make every day without even realizing it. And just relaxing those usually contorted facial muscles can give you a natural facelift. 

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Why Face Yoga?

Does it work?


In a study published in 2018 in JAMA Dermatology, researchers at Northwestern University found that 20 weeks of facial exercises yielded firmer skin and fuller cheeks — resulting in a small group of middle-aged women appearing younger, on average, by three years.

"The exercises enlarge and strengthen the facial muscles, so the face becomes firmer, more toned, and shaped like a younger face," said Murad Alam, vice chair and professor of dermatology at Northwestern University.

The idea behind facial exercising is to enlarge and strengthen the facial muscles, theoretically restoring facial volume and firming up facial contours.

What is yet to be linked to face exercises is boosted self-confidence that comes along with self-improvement and feeling better about your skin and your face.



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Who I Am

Fabulous 40s

My name Damira Golubic, born in 1975 in Zagreb, Croatia. I am a full-time marketing professional, mother of two boys and a yoga lover. Skin care routine has been embedded in my life since early years. Yoga came into my life when I turned 42 and now I am delighted to be a part of this next level of anti-aging movement. Since May 2018 I am a certified Face Yoga Method teacher, certified by Fumiko Takatsu, Face Yoga Method LCC. 

Let’s stay beautiful together!


Graduate Spring 2018

I started changing my life mid-2017 with reflexology, then added yoga and I got myself two health trackers with main goal to track and improve my activity and water intake.

Half a year later I came across Face Yoga Method developed by Fumiko Takatsu. Suddenly, there was a need to take my well-being one step higher and I enrolled into the Teacher Certification Course. I wanted more then mere videos or print outs on how to do face yoga poses, I wanted true in-depth understanding and guidance. Four intense months followed, four months of getting more self- awareness and feeling more empowered over my own aging process. This is what I would also like to pass on my future students - you can still feel young no matter your age and you can still be beautiful!



My Practice

What can you expect from my classes?

During the workshops, I will introduce you to all aspects of Face Yoga so you could easily integrate them in your daily routine. Exercise and workshops will be tailor to the group’s or individual needs and concerns, for example: overall circulation improvement the face and upper body, forehead, eye area, nasolabial folds, cheeks, mouth area, lips, neck and improvement of overall body posture.

In addition, you will learn:

  • The role of the diet

  • Importance of drinking water

  • Morning and evening routine

  • Meditation and deep breathing

IMPORTANT: Your face is an indicator of your overall health. Any problem in your body, digestion, posture will eventually show on your face. That is why lifestyle plays an important part. Lifestyle interventions would include healthy body, intake of healthy food, regular and quality skincare routine, and a healthy mind.

“You can be gorgeous at thirty, fabulous at forty, and irresistible for the rest of your life.”

Coco Chanel

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Face Yoga Practice


Individual Sessions

Why would you take one-on-one session? Well, during one-on-one session I can fully focus on only one student and with having that in mind, students will benefit more than during group sessions. Pre-class questionnaire will be sent out as I would need to know your life habits, skincare routine, and major concerns. This will help me in class preparation. Individual class lasts 60 min.

If you would like to take it further, you could sign up for a package of 4 sessions over a month which could help you establish your daily routine.


Group Workshops

Being in a group of students could work better for you if you feel more at ease surrounded by peers. I prefer smaller groups, max of 4 students as that ensures that I could give adequate focus on each of you. Apart from lifestyle interventions that can be tackled in the intro part, the most important thing for me as your teacher is to teach you how to do the poses correctly. Facial movements are known for causing wrinkles so what we want to do are the movements which will counter wrinkle formation and strengthen our facial muscles. Hence, I need to keep an eye on each of you during the workshop.
Pre-class questionnaire will be sent out as I would need to know your life habits, skincare routine, and major concerns. This will help me in class preparation. Group workshop lasts 60 min.
In case of interest we could work on weekly sessions, e.g. every Saturday morning.

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"Let the beauty of what you love be what you do"


Contact Me

My goal is to offer inspiring and fun classes with intense face exercise practice and insights sharing tailored to ladies that would like to slow down the aging process without invasive methods and feel great in their skin. Contact me to find out more about my practice and how it can benefit your life.

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