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Face Yoga Journey: Choosing What is Best for Me

Anyone can be a preacher today. People preach all different sorts of things, on how to eat, how to pray, how to raise your kids, how to exercise, how to take care of yourself. And whatever you want to know, you google. You are bombarded with information, facts, stories three-step miracle solution to all your problems.

I get a migraine from that occasionally and it happens when I need the info the most. There is just too much out there and too much is available. I feel overwhelmed and confused.

How to choose what is the best for me?

Well, there is no recipe, ta-da. Our life consists of zillion little decisions that shape our present and future. This will remain so until time travel becomes a reality. The scariest thing of all is that the vast majority of these decisions we are making on auto pilot. So, to change and improve one needs to take a conscious decision, make a personal commitment and then diligently follow through. After that it is a trial and error scenario. What works for me, might not work for you and vice versa.

My skin care routine started in my early twenties and since then it keeps changing. With time, I added few extra products and steps. Most important when talking about the products is that testers might save you a bit of money in the sense that you will feel the product texture, smell, and color before spending your money on it, but to see if it actually works for you that takes more than a tester. Actually, it takes about 8 weeks of consistent product usage. All those amazing promises from the sleek packaging might not work for me after all, then it also might. So trial and error.

When I started face yoga, I was already aware of the fact that miracles do not happen overnight and that for the success it takes consistency, diligent follow through and of course it takes time. Now, I am enjoying me-time when I do funny faces though sometimes when talking to other people, I find myself too aware of their facial movements and analyzing the cause of their wrinkling. Whatever. If that is the only downside, I am quite fine. My personal goal is not to change or look younger. I am very happy with my skin so I would like it to stay as is, as long as possible.

The beauty of facial exercises is that you do not require extra tools or products and you can do it whenever and wherever you want. Once you get the knowledge on how to do them properly (yes, wrongly done, they can have the counter effect and actually cause wrinkles and asymmetry), you are set to start. I did, two years ago and haven’t regretted since.



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