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What is Your WHY? Thorny and Prickly Path to Self-love or NOT?

Have you ever thought of why you wanted to look younger? Or why you wanted to have glowing skin? Or that plump lips?

Sometimes we rush into things without know the underlying cause and that can have long term consequences. And as those motivational quotes say, we buy stuff that we do not need so that at the end we need to sell things we need. Let me tell you an example. A lady sees a great coat and immediately she has this urge to have it. ”It is such a classic piece, I can get on revolving etc.” She buys it and after a while, she realizes that she hasn’t worn it. There was never an occasion or it didn’t match the wardrobe or the fit is not that great with her body shape. So then what? Does she need a new one?

This was a fashion story, but it can be applied to skin care too. Sometimes, ladies rush when they see a first sign of a wrinkle. Injectables are such a trend, Botox or dermal fillers. Their promise is an instant result and also a visible result. What happens when it wears of? Or if after the injection, you actually do not like what you see? Or even worse, nothing changed in her life?

Why do we want to look better? Majority would say that it is to impress others, get that dream guy or be the best looking person at the high school reunion. There is certainly some truth there. People usually treat better looking people better. It is in human nature.

But one needs to be open with oneself. Do you want to be the best looking girl this very evening? As said some procedures have no downtime and have instant effect. Or maybe you want to like and love the person you see in the mirror in the morning when brushing your teeth, every morning?

I opt for the second one. That is my WHY. Feeling good in my skin and loving my skin, taking care of me. Path to self-love is not an easy one for most of us and women are particularly harsh on themselves, but once you pledge to yourself even baby steps can take you far. Quick meditation in the morning, splashing your face in cold water, good skin care routine, being aware of your facial movements, good water intake during the day, preferably warm/hot water, facial exercise and massage, always cleansing your face before bed. Pick any and simply start. You will feel better about yourself, more in control of your life, feel more confident so you could glow from both outside as well as inside! No prickly needles included.

“A year from now you will wish you had started today” Karen Lamb




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